Founding editor of ē·rā/tiō Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino’s novel, Stephen’s Landing,

is available now in both print and e-book editions at Amazon, at B&N, at Apple Books and at booksellers everywhere!


“This is one of the freshest novels I’ve read in quite a while, Gregory Vincent St Thomasino’s Stephen’s Landing.  It’s a very, very human book, a stream of consciousness manifesto of earthly delights and frights sprinkled with laugh-out-loud humor and threaded with unbridled honesty.” —Mark Blickley


See the Stephen’s Landing facebook page for excerpts and links to sellers everywhere.



I am a guest with Peter Kenny and Robin Houghton on the Planet Poetry podcast!  “I interviewed an editor whose rigour and individuality has intrigued me for years.  Gregory Vincent St Thomasino is editor of eratio — an outstanding online magazine of postmodern poetry.  Lovely to be able to zoom over to New York again, if only virtually, and meet such a thoughtful and intelligent poet.”  Thank you Peter and Robin! 



My poem, “Donation Street,” is featured at Christal Ann Rice Cooper’s Arts and Humanities website, Backstory of the Poem. . . .





My poem, “Thinking for Gavin Selerie,” appears in the anthology, Shape-Shifter: a tribute to Gavin Selerie, Curated by David Annwn, published by Shearsman Books 2022.

Read me! An interview in the September 2019 issue of StylusLit with editor Rosanna Licari. . . .

“To be a child poet is a wonderful thing, to grow up and to be a poet and to always have that child in your heart, that’s my bliss.  And that poet’s ethic, that negative capability, Hello, I’m nobody.  This is sort of like what Roy Harvey Pearce refers to as the ‘Adamic’ in his book, The Continuity of American Poetry.  The poet ought to be able to see things as though for the first time, like a child, or like Adam who saw things he didn’t have names for.” 


Read me!  With Paul Brookes, for the Wombwell Rainbow Interviews. . . .

Its a case of unconscious assimilation—I learned to read reading poetry. . . .


Read me! An interview from October 2012 with Carey Scott Wilkerson publisher of my volume of poetry, The Valise. . . .

“The discussion is wide-ranging and, in Gregory’s inimitable style, discursively reflective: a real inner-view of the artist in his philosophical universe.” 





Read my flash-fiction narrative, “Chip [sic]” — in the WINTER 2023 issue of OVUNQUE SIAMO, an important academic journal edited by Michelle Messina Reale

Honored to have my piece, Gas Waltz  — a flash-fiction narrative (with coda) — in Issue 13 of StylusLit. Many thanks to Fiction Editor Gershon Maller and to Publisher Rosanna E. Licari. . . . 


“It was only at such moments, as when he let himself off guard, that the dream returned to torment him.” 


Read an excerpt from my novel, Suicide by Language, at Dispatches from the Poetry Wars.



“It’s about a relationship, and relationality generally.”


I am thrilled to have this excerpt from my as-yet-untitled novel-in-progress in the inaugural issue of StylusLit. . . . 

Conceptus, a video poem, with Elise Stewart.   

The Rosalinde Sky for Jack Foley 

Sidney Place


The Archaeology of Palestine 

The Canvas to the Wall 

Elegy for Christopher Smart 

Tops and Tilting (traduzione di Gherardo Bortolotti) 

Ekphrasis No. 6 and Ekphrasis No. 23 







“Extraordinarily inventive!” —David Hackbridge Johnson





“There is the breaking for the sake of breaking, and then there is the breaking for the sake of bringing together.”

“The interiorizing process that is the logoclasody.”

“A poetry of ideas.”


The Valise Ad








Il Pleut SIC








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