Issue 21




Written On Mars


Tomáš Přidal


translated by Brokolis





a beginning



carrying something again



putting huge white cubes

one atop another


it might look like this

after death


an empty space

disappearing in infinity


this might be

how paper is made











books and dogs



pulling behind

a book on a collar


like a dog

refusing to move


in a park

on a bench

it jumps into my lap


it likes

to be browsed in


just watch out

for the lady

who decided


to walk

something by

George Sand


Hold your beast


she’s yelling to me


from afar


Too late


letters fly away

from our dogs











mars milk



speed of light

speed of light

speed of light


set in the plate

with flakes in it


speed of light

speed of light

speed of light














the turtle grew up hence the house got small twenty meters

thirty meters forty meters fifty meters

the first floor gone sixty meters seventy meters

eighty meters ninety meters a hundred a hundred and ten

the roof fucked


before that all hidden in a closed knockity-knock

turtle’s head peeps in papa dragged by the leg

pops! pops! (CRUNCH)

mama dragged by the leg mumsy! mumsy! (CRUNCH)

enfants dragged by their legs (CRUNCH CRUNCH)


before that the dosage of salad found inadequate

more salad s’il vous plait merci

all of a sudden the aquarium crack crack

blimey won’t fit

under the sofa

a small pet into a big one


before that papa bore something in a box

enfants cheered mama smiled

a box with holes

breaths from within











photo booth



the photo booth

has my face

the phone booth

speaks in my voice

the mailbox

breathes like me

my steps are watched over

by the public swimming pool














we all are a bit anxious

and in a lack of sleep


the government rules the weather

airplanes inoculate the clouds with filth


we all are a bit anxious


noone knows

who happens to be the new simulation


and who a member

of the new undergound movement


we all are a bit anxious


it is not common

to find a letter in your mailbox stating:


he moved the tray and she turned back


we all are a bit anxious



depakine chrono














a wallnut is free

like a squirrel


the shell may


or not


where the squirrel fails

a hammer steps in


when the hammer gives in

a stone-eater slides in


broken teeth

all over


a wallnut is free

like an acid


folic acid











w. b. yeats: stuffed eggs



Stuffed eggs

tread in my dreams











sushi hotel



Open the door

let the fox collar in

it rains on sushi

let them in too


Open the door

prepare for tea

the fox collar

wants to warm up


Open the door

the fox collar still there

just to dry up a bit

and get going soon


Open the door

this is a sushi hotel

warm up the fish

give them your goodbye











hegel’s vacation









Astronomical day



Just what is

 today right now


A turn

around an axis


a glass of water

upon an umbrella














Tomáš Přidal is online at http://sartrr.blogspot.cz/.



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