Issue 21




Two Poems


Nava Fader





Maybe you’re looking / for the pretty lizardess
(Garcia Lorca)



in pansies panties pretty straightforward

if you ask me simpleton panhandler whither

goes the wind I go dimwit down


to the vale unwrap rushes milkpods

lush to my loving hose

sodden fingertips of dawn

washed out vigilant and to the waterhole


tickingly pound

a nail or two measure

in menses moon will not let you


but tricks of the light lemon

balm poxy this fool’s

parsley bouquet granite

filament tresses withstand




My prayer is growing ripe (Rilke)



pulled as plums midwivery

restorative chicanery sleight

ventriloquism upon your vision


as seen through a veil

dappled simpering dimpling

cheeks apple blossom shadowed

by first snow


snickers along the periphery

who can tell if they simper

sympathize coagulation


of senses pastilles

do melt lose

integrity in favor of

taffytongue your hair


on my shoulders braided

resting and for strength










Nava Fader received her Masters from the UB Poetics Program, writing her thesis on Adrienne Rich.  She is the author of All the Jawing Jackdaw (BlazeVox) and several chapbooks.  Most of her work begins with a line by somebody else.  Recent projects include a manuscript of fake translations from Dante’s Inferno, poems using Wikipedia, a book of riffs off Michael Basinski’s book Trailers called Hitching Post and a chapbook of poems from J.H. Prynne. 



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