Issue 21




The Ground


Anne Gorrick





at the foot of the cross is level

always wins

The combat vehicles of fashion week

their ground effects body kits

He was wrong to see his shadow

grooming that arena

Lava, Calvary, Jamaican ginger

your luminous isolator

your neutral hookup electrical

Open up and swallow these images

You can’t unswallow them

The plug broke off


rattlers banded with electrons

The ground state configuration of fluorine is?

The ground state configuration of tungsten is?

The tissue in a leaf turns crimson

Half Moon Bay unpacks

its emergencies in waves

X-ray machine, yellow jackets

You touch yourself in front of the computer

Ground yourself before touching the computer

You are standing in your own beef

Zero sycamores

Zero mosques

Zero flags










Anne Gorrick is a poet and visual artist.  She is the author of A’s Visuality (BlazeVOX, 2015), I-Formation (Book 2) (Shearsman Books, Bristol, UK, 2012), I-Formation (Book 1) (Shearsman, 2010), Kyotologic (Shearsman, 2008) and An Extended Environment with Metrical and/or Dimensional Properties (E·ratio Editions, 2013).  She collaborated with artist Cynthia Winika to produce a limited edition artists’ book, “Swans, the ice,” she said, funded by the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and the New York Foundation for the Arts.  She co-edited, with Sam Truitt, an anthology of adventurous Hudson Valley poetry: In|Filtration: A Hudson Valley Salt Line (Station Hill, Barrytown, NY, 2014).  She curates the reading series, Cadmium Text, which focuses on innovative writing from in and around New York’s Hudson Valley.  She also co-curates the online poetry journal Peep/Show with poet Lynn Behrendt, which is a “taxonomic exercise in textual and visual seriality.”  Images of her visual art can be found at The Rope Dancer Accompanies Herself with Her Shadows.  Anne Gorrick lives in West Park, New York. 



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