Contributing editor Coleman Stevenson.
Photo by Monica Graves.

Coleman Stevenson is the author of three collections of poems, Light Sleeper (2020), Breakfast (2015), and The Accidental Rarefication of Pattern #5609 (2012), several books about the Tarot including The Dark Exact Tarot Guide, and a book of essays on creativity accompanying the card game Metaphysik.  Her writing has appeared in a variety of publications such as Seattle Review, Mid-American Review, Louisiana Literature,, and the anthology Motionless from the Iron Bridge.  In addition to her work as a designer of tarot and oracle decks through her company The Dark Exact, her fine art work, exhibited in galleries around the Pacific Northwest, focuses on the intersections between image and text.  She has been a guest curator for various gallery spaces in the Portland, Oregon, area, and has taught poetry, tarot, design theory, and cultural studies at a number of different institutions there, most currently for the Literary Arts Delve series, which includes seminars at the Portland Art Museum. 


Coleman Stevenson Projects

The Dark Exact (@darkexact)

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