The Hotel Lately


after a section from “The Narrative of a Tour in North America” by Henry Tudor, London, 1834


by Anne Gorrick




What seems like a room seen in passing along the Hudson

The tourist dressed in American or European paternity

The recent neglects, this late hotel

Fresh air in choked survival

Branch deprived on a corduroy road

coastal, without interstices

Top in order to form something

approximate, in a way unphilosophical

undergoing the risk of various dislocations

Balancing benefit with loss against breakfast

We are contusions against a landscape

our authorized capital


If the American Hudson was seen from a barroom

you just crossed

your European paternity would ignore tourist things

The fresh air before suffocation over three months

An element clear, forced, and foresaw

by the widely known slow hotel

When I first tasted the candy of a corduroy road

Branch plundered, on the seashore where a seashore is placed

Contusions in unphilosophical receipt

Falling and view, stones cascade

We of little interest, approved


The American Hudson seen in crossing, a routistic thing

ignores European paternity

Recently completely

concern for the summer of the place

Suffocation, free of elements, foresaw and continued

By far, the slow hotel, where the Korporation becomes beautiful
its extravagant cost

The double advantage of high housing

She never tasted sweet in the chords of this office


A coast of average directions, without openings

The passage of money effects fantasy, can uniform it simply

We fall down with different bruises, in methods unphilosophical

Receipt, recoil, danger leads in approximate conversions

What concerns me: approval, that our back getting balance back
     to the hotel

Descriptions of advantage and loss

attached to Beautiful and Romantic it was, in belief

Our bruises add to the view

Unloaded, opinion falls around us

emptied of stone in cascade

We reached the capitol recognized


If which domains of dependence, the American Hudson

crosspieces, the route of the thing

It corresponds or the fact, you did not look

neglect in a European origin

Recently completely, suffocated in grammar

An address in the woods, some mean direction

Form closely accepted by the same surface

Money as a kind of functional paragraph

diligently dreamt and simple

We tumble, different bruises introduced

by method in unphilosophical receipt

The authorized I, adopted by fact, is TOO a hotel

Loss is enclosed in romantic belief

Our whereabouts dampen as a result of the relentless view

Stone in spatial cascade, a minor interest in capitols
     and approval


Dependency watches a Hudsoned American in crosshairs

The routes that correspond to fact

The observation and neglect of Europe

A preoccupied subsidy in summer places

Suffocation transformed into months

into a slow hotel, systematic lodging

She has the dull of it in caked corduroy

An established shoreline, medium senses

the shape chipped at, a lot carefully from the same surface


The moneylessness in this kind of fantasized paragraph

in function, diligent

We fall in different contusions

unphilosophical in retraction

Facts adopted, the advantages of description

The loss in belief

Order increases like consequence, the sight relentless

cascades of approval


Tributaries peel from the routes of an English Hudson

disregards it’s European source

The endurance chiseled into the ingredients was not compulsion

This highlanded enemy

The results in summer places

Advantages dotted in decimal notation

She the low in the cake low route of it, scorched

The retrospection in all trees as an intermediate feeling

on an established shoreline

The shape chipped out of attention

Money in paragraphs of kindness

Annulation diligently drawn in dreams

Attention chiseled out of romantic spectacles

The place beside the view


Tributaries peeled from fact

When coolness is not a mapped compulsion

Highlands and enemies transferred, a subsidy of danger

Results in place of summers

Approval in summary duration

He is dotted in decimal notation, recorded, suffocated

Meaning singed on the press


Count the shorelines

Attentions chipped identically

Money in paragraphs of goodness

the dream extracted, the possible in ruptured form

How dangerous is approximately?

Maps, hotels, facts and loss

authorized in our eye collections

He is a view injected with her interest


An English Hudson with its source in Europe

Neglect chiseled out of obligation

The I choked in high places

He is indifferent to meaning, singed on the press

Because the coast felt like intervals, form shaved from attention

Money has the quality of function

because annulation extracts her dreams

He who is ruptured gives form to the view

The maps marked with a transferred danger

An authorized interest from an eye-collector, he only he

in romantic attention

The spectacle leaves you in rings of approval


Ignored tributaries, the source of the thing

As for time and Europe, look at the English Hudson
     beyond observation

As for composure, there are granted dangers, perfection is in the air

He is resistant to raw materials, obligation

a source of official recognition

Summer prosecutes duration

Months installed in a slow hotel

The notation of advantage, suffocated


I the putting which differs

First being burnt: the route

He has been attached to meaning, rather than pushing

In order to count coastal in established intervals

wooden everything because among the seashores

retrospection is insufficient

Notes race over identical surfaces

As for the ax of the thing, it shaves There

Because money is annulation, diligence extracted

from a dream greatly

He is possible only in paragraphs

The hotel adopts the eye collector

The space between spectacle and permission

She approves of our small-numbered substances


Calms in concession for danger, tributaries

The Europes that look like the English thing of a Hudson

The perfection of air, in Ohs recently

Resistance to the raw materials first is not engagement

He was happy to be installed with decimal notation

an indication of advantage and suffocation

I the setting which differs, in order to mean

In order to count it coastal, as an interval

Since the money, cancellation extracts diligent and the dream        extravagantly


He gives possibility its paragraphs

Method contracts unphilosophical, swollen

Sectors of loss, and adopted things

in a hotel per hour, a measure of the eye collector

Increases with the next interior door

which is our order of him

Because point of view makes a spectacle

your permission approves substances, small numbers

installed in the east


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