Issue 21




What You When You


Bill DiMichele





all moving oil of creation

                         the will   sand   tree   man    woman

red & white gowns

an equal # turning



                swan moon


      blood    blood


scarlet   locust   lungs


           barrel   hints  collide  apart


   night  midnight   day    night


                                change color  jellyfish

                                    remove the brains & fruit



what happened to the wave

that fire was


the body of holy water

the mystery of boundaries


rain my swell

bleed a mirror like liquid


the father blessed him

the water turned cold from his throat


in the ideas of dying

she opened the closet

to their stomach


     see is sight

of these lower regions

all in the body smaller yet to bite

touch in the realm

iridescent gold june

purity     clarity     dignity     humility


starfish          under black clouds

the width of the nitrous

her eyes so she looks


rise inferno

vase of his thrusts

aching the eternal exits



in his father’s palace

there are no stairs

nobody even talks


overcast her to the grave

rain carried transfixed

splendor of hues


     flesh to everything

                                        from seaweed to violets

in the fresh blood they were burning

    nightingale      slipper        where  heaven


the word in existence

the twisted animal mites with desire

cattlecars of humans

its crown renamed



                    quickly into wooden floors


         all the bells           make a violation

shower all during the night

do you do if you


ghosts believe they still

what they should do

wine     water     that neither tastes nor kills

when we’re deep asleep


     necklace and teeth

     bugs from death or below

keep their skins

at last over his head



                                       glues the eyelids

                                and even conceals god

                       to build a sanctuary

                          & dream of being


                 venus hashish charm

silver wallpaper and meteor showers

poppies earth meet

ocean shall rise

3 bodies, 4 visits


                                                   the past took up

cylinders  cones  shaved spheres

 being so separate


rum & a promise

to the house of perfumes


sleep easy

and glimmering

on earth on other side

between them and the many

where angels pose


because they possess

then they should find all

because its closeness

produced by musical notes

merely small holes


and you’ll miss it

that she should be holding the button

on top a rock forehead

light color fade      how  long

thunder been men



his wife floating as any cathedral

through this child of some prince or another

               1st  voiced  desire in harmonies


pavilion of a princess

in snow the beauty of water between her toes

this had always been


in the pouring    haunting


down the time

his them faces full of river

while she rests

unseen & vast in a changeless day


                 cobblestones  remembered

                 summer solstice banned

or burned

passion reached

dark remind us

she must have a crowd


isn’t cleans oceans

it & stores it

lifting their voices

shooting out thin arms

soaking wet sandstone

gravity extreme



is the boldest lies

hold him fast

multitude of shortcoming

through all the veins self

malevolent religions



he spoke no word

he stopped on the corner

to imagine it

to nerve the emergency room

bottles all empty at the top of the steps

                 our spirit are free


since the earth hymn

between angels and animals

that penetrate the body of a maple leaf

and limbs with the first warmth

           each day of life

sunshine down to the ground


pitched in a shadow

who the kingdom of spirits

whispers through the 4 horses

                        on the empty shore

                    he kept thinks white shell

the war was over on the radio


even though they were dead

she was still looking

to kiss his barking cheek

3 devout  points around the neck

a whole word falling

                 and bread makes bone


ponds fill with duck

during the music she said he loved

the home is not yet and open an open jewel

5 distance & measure    ends       shame  potions

balconies that run and women

inherited each place


up or down of the corridor

smash a window, lay back staring

and begin to wonder

about this beautiful man

pack them in jars         still high

    how the stories end


ignite him show his face

mouth       gums & tongue

rubs his cheeks


the serpent          the pitch pits

are fallen air

going to bite him


separated by simple physics

from the other side

close your eyes and takes a swallow

everything down larger than the world

           and he thinks you already pours himself

           to return his eye to bite his nail

           so he stares at it



lie on his back the wind has started

pigeon  signals

black cat and dead from birth

you’ve got to come from all over

down the spine

                 strange feelings looks when we die

and fed the dogs


the wise one woke the drunkard

grey like the cinema

put his soul in a vault

yellow teeth plumbing

           in the unholy grounds

           kneeling statue vanished

in the privacy of the dead


genuine discomfort & dance routines

counting up the fog

big to small    hand in hand

smoldering closer

in the secret walls

                    leave the body shattered

                we’re chosen


the parking lot happened in fragments again again

nothing is moving

sun is flooding

      dress quickly     find cover

      in the uppermost level

             & from any direction

birds love to perch in meaningless


  her mind opened

was like a bouquet

taste the river

thick carpet

stems changing throughout space

the power that rises

is in the lotus


voice hanging low

were the questions

cigarette  onion      and eggs      temple doors

random bits of naked girls

                 we’ve never seen real

the cost around her rhythm

singing she both over repeated over



the woman, the deceased

touched his shoulder

to add fury by the scent

even among the cardinals

                                   a bonfire from her pores

                                            as she was ruin

                                 hell’s birth beard

                      floating in the toilet, world smoking


death is certain beside the wall

                when he awoke

placing his feet stuck in the ground


beyond life entrance

they all ran snake red

deaf since birth

to transfiguration

to have him for supper

from tragedy to comedy



unthinkable dusk on our dawn

other black urges people

cosmic plasma

cleared their throat of incense

goat under the fig tree

coiled cinnamon           11

spreads the faint odor of yellow

should strings fail

all the street lamps sigh

                    curtains fluttered

                     noises ceased to curl up



there are 10 organs

usually 2 clean

churning butter made of the dead

catch a cold

of then or them behind

the whole of his inner life

pulled by a pair of tongs

a branch here

shut during the night

                            and we are busy

                            winter above the sky


often starts to appear

free of symphonies

that fixed the stars

one tone tar

skin patch of rye bread

keeping oxidation

& anti depressants

mushrooms    lithium   adrenaline   brown rice

        they saw it           collapse

          by color by sucking

the planets move



came the earth

         in nose   tail   & towels

of uneasiness

now you get close         13 months later

pockmarks  meteor  overgrown        wallpaper peeling

on the scalp that god created

that the snake strikes

2 to 3 cups chemicals

space is dismissed in central fire

which is itself a #        candy fallen to

next to a clock

witch wrinkles around is on throne

& it may be too late

smaller head & clinical smoke          7 stars

vessels &  limb buttons

journey from earth to heaven

but it was never enough


deadly scorpions & half horse

contained in the human body

lie on the knees of the virgin mary

sitting     kneeling      squatting

mosquito  stained glass window

your lungs sweeter

luminous voices murmuring

on the waters edge

           if the cold breathe

the lips moist        body else

           restless parallels

of electrical & flight red speech

the way the sun rattles

in the house next door

he has no other poison

come here stand    love steady    & long



pillars between bites

plowed field grown cold         suffering

close to singing & wailing

the restless masses came to an end

chestnut branches

decorated  crying out


                                against the sky bringing


heroin and all the world

who tells him with stories

like what dead means

to a sweet feathering

        blessed mother

    how could it be that open, that cold

        the ice beneath

    and squints many  many



old people and maids

i saw this morning you lock

the mind open

there really is no time

in the center of  things, of rooms

on behalf of man

        the appearance of copper

she was crying she was


trade them for nirvana

find the key in fragments

    you know that

    a song trails off

her lips pressed then laughing again

a # of other parasites

to catch every last trace

                    & wish out onto the snow


is there anybody into ecstacies

out of the night

to a black smudge

there are names meaningless

clamouring for answers

unearthed legs between groin

knees beginning

in each buttonhole        who is doing all the killing


genuine discomfort what

claimed to be born at the right time

father to heaven

the teacher sleepwalking sleep

for him to remain while he ceased

    sex and same sex is unusually about equal

         to wear his noble face

              hidden by a veil


he spoke little

on the bridges, unprotected face and shoulders

between moving death

                 a brief moment of  calm

that you can hold

not only the light of glass



disorder was closed to them

perpetually close to phantoms

radiance revealed every day

like a blue stream

2 triangles     fishhook

falling stars  frozen


soaking wet lavish gardens come

3 doctors & the family dog

viscious contest of private demons

thumb splendor

crucifix is man

he flinches           washes  & wipes

small stones prescriptions

ambergris all along the body

it rained so hard there is no noon

gone around & around



was faith  into a deathbed     falling

into intended hardened smell of urine

unborn yellow length

for 14 years stir the the lord

map   & compass   & wooden stick

imaginary monologue

greater beauty of the unseen

cheap earth colors

in the early

in the baby


puppet strings  scarecrows that

sweat hard up hard atoned


on his final leap

a carpenter on most sundays


folds her hand

pied piper gestures

for a breath lips

return mesmerized to the wind


she’s not psychic, awake or asleep

between them and the morning

to wait until death


to those of us still on earth

it’s the last unclouded others

           our bodies give out, return not


the house lights rubbed her eyes

hands shaking where the land ends

brush your teeth in hurts

out in the hall remind you she

and they wished and she cursed

never seem real, she looked after


down his body whistled

at the hands voice

    song like a cuckoo



or all that earth

    unremarkable flickers

and hail


his wrath and amusement

filled the lamp

lifted her up

earth & and the stone

grey, trying terrified and wondering

a doorknob to the sea


anyone who disliked her locket

was repeated over the moment you arrived

champagne w/ a emperor

children suffer and hate one another

           what would happen

will not seek to death


the collision of busy signals

the sea is much slower

eyeballs demand that you keep

ants and termites

color they grew

hear looking



a knife in the throat

nods & doesn’t smile        now get close

the abyss closes to her soul

a bottle of wine cradled in her neck

                 think about this for a minute

              then answer the phone


broken arches, dust, smoke

health and beauty flowing once more

ladies dressed in moonlight

eyes watering

silver & rust

in cycles her tongue wrist


rising, sometime rich and dense

up the last decade of leaves, vapors & river mist

he gave his mornings unrepentant

so some anxious golden

archbishop can come out of it

just before he dies


11 years since a dog was barking

thread weaves not long         arching

they all visit to take poison

of absence him over the sea

                 cracked the bell tower


near the town of pastries

distant cockroaches

boasted silver and sulpher

greater beauty in the unseen



the passion of the lower

followed by coal

human sinfulness

bless weddings

    & i hand birth


                 devil teeth spoon

                 and foaming lamb

bracelet from distant hair

by the top of the scalp decay

smoke         bright light         rose red


he heard their house drinking red wine

to meet gorgeous women behind the curtain

        disappear back to the carpet

        spices     tea     gin     & tonic

couldnt recall a moment, a damn what



waste of voices

ladies gloves

contained no money

continued to leap

halo around with lantern


the rock mysterio, asteroids of wisdom

dark cliff face, crawlspace

my chest, working earth

smell taste coughing

        until every last shade



under the garment

to be a real number

                                      to flow upon the world

                                      how long thunder in men



loved speaks intoxicated

the afterlife gives him a headache

pantomime created the sky

but joyous

playmates, men to women


known for its child across oxygen

noises thrown in here

    back to the causes of tides

       dared to be

         with all the planets


you promised

jackets & shirts & over in her circle under

he tells knotted, limited

the only difference

standing behind his shoulder


20 ripples in his hand

lightning away, away

willow window reaches

put his fingers of dirt


could hear no to the night

his eyebrows were empty

only messages meaningless & wide

called gas


at low tide twilight made dancers

serenades   sonatas     a lisp or a stutter

    a simple pleasure of melody



a coin that can answer

spearmint taste at afternoon

pillow under summer’s hand

good & fair


twinkling isn’t a shade of yellow

leap  brief  & brilliant

become a part of the heroine

        in the white chemise


2 lifetime of gulls

the missing awaken

down their throat

kiss open window dark


firefly gases in flux

unlike a church choir

no mouth to say

would pass bloodless


restless  names

sees  2 fingers upon the eternal

cheap  earth colors

all along the wire


humans ever arrive

become blurred & decay

ascension stars

for fallen


from earring

flowering winter

    black lion’s head


bodies along the riverbank

undead to see 3 of 4

        witchcraft    bite    tamarind skeleton


when i raise my head there is no roof

rains down from the sky

frost and      spiderwebs


in a robin’s nest

worms continue to exist

small like ambrosia





brick     frown    cushion plague


nail of the wind


                       frogs     shallow water     crystal world


the box in the garden


                                violet path of a fly



winter has passed

who did not live

liquid goes in hope

minute and hour hand

clothes more       salt flavor

a breathing  mummy guide

if insects are not

womb rose again

turning the dance       dying above ground

  when she said these words

    ginger         cherries         pears

         alchemy pulling daylight

   and adored the white cloud










Bill DiMichele attended Bucknell University earning a degree in Fine Arts.  His work runs the gamut from abstract painting to realistic sketching, from graffiti to sculpture, from collage to poetry.  He was coeditor of Score and is currently editing Tip of the Knife.  His work has appeared in innumerable print and online magazines and has been published by Xexoxial Editions, Runaway Spoon Press, Malthus Press and Tonerworks. 



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