Issue 21




Irrational Arms


Jasper Brinton








irrational arms

gesture with indifference

mood or token scram

should the leap scope

the usual escape

calm her lullaby

the real argument

pry indifference from excess

the childhood fixation

the stuffed monkey







simplicity of virtue

immodest all the while

why the cricket sings

the bull in the ring

broken by our cubes

he’ll image and freeze

play and shuffle

permitted permanence

and yet not savant

but expertly tuned







basic management

portals are bright

artfully guided which

tap to glass to wish

omit from the slip

but tallies a chit

mislaid out of pocket

same as the keeper

hardly an upstart

love you give on







trees are metaphors

as are arbor days

root for the climax

splendid with years

dancing in character

the crow’s weathervane

answers for nature

a few states away

the emerald beetle

ash yew oh chestnut







prank in the foyer

grasped by the man

honors the woman

just crust and loaf

work up a favor

eagle in the wind

pleased by the mirror

but was I herbal

downhill scavenger

a year moved on







fatted and pummeled

the torn design coefficient

techniques the observer

as displaced by a unicorn

in camera malnourished

para-fictitious but who speaks

of nine fingers in ten files

as carefree nacre fragments

implement a mollusk folio

break out in petit point







pancake maneuver or

odor of a puzzlement

alters domestic language

that the switch position

encounters pleasure

accouterments as fresh

as lasting froth

see Spot liberate the ball

profile a guarantee or

mechanize hell’s kitchen







writing reverses the stream

blown rain induced failure

reads the washing machine

alone traveling by camel

taken by train to the coast

the odd channel conveyance

worth gapes a single button

living out of the trunk

official carbon jewelry

chimney pots vin ordinaire







you have madam what’s two dimensional

that these letters fall outward from the fan

salient controversy discovered on a billboard

if you procure his spatiotemporal difference

that will argument the verbiage of a foreigner

one Picasso certainly attributed to La Monde

as ignorance the unconscious enters in parallel

conceivably derivations for a painter’s world

functional but nappier than stripped pants

vital as such the delights of fitted ingredients







the author considers sloppy language

broadcast marigold orange extravagance

taught topography non linear being

courage of an inchworm’s exténuation

a true heart at rest free of a padlock

cool split limestone polished underfoot

or bridge to begin by the light of the moon

the temporary stubbornness of a chime

tho night shiftings take devil footwork

engagé he’ll maneuver well by noon







relief in need automates confession

the burnt shirt tires of discount

oriental lacquer grinds scenic

handwriting deep into constitutional

screens shows government nests

colonize honeysuckle by mistake

but armed against yard water who

would mop the threat aggravate

sibilance overarch the theme

practically chock our tip ladder







because life waits

captured little stories

draw from pale menus

permanent permissible

romantic octaves

defenseless appreciations

rough when a restaurant’s

sclerotic azure offers

capital identity loss

civilized self-strife







dialectical words stir

as the caress trial survives

metric raspberry strings

inured before moving

or letting a gentle comet

bend grow in the wind

stroked by new nights

that diplomat the sun

pleased by the navigation

rites of minted minds







lads lasses well you did it

rings on fingers for symbols

thank goodness w/o title

last of May for perfect days

caps the viewer’s satisfaction

while any Cypriotic formula

takes that proud wish for love

at least one flight attempt

before seashell free Venus

releases sloth from captivity







deciding what influence most honest

opposes the boned carcass the knife blade

in that its hopeless to discriminate

other than to collage excitation’s meat

or with a meteorite excuse the killing

or resolve together like a crowned monk

tucked by the screen into temperament

the eventual the dividend into cake and ale

our longing to raise our inward surface

exempt from boardwalk and restitution







sometimes graze a million wallows

while word setups stall a level spreader

gives the sovereign lad auto-drainage

plays the mechanic just as storm

an always child scratches the breast

animates a number of tangible acres

except the soil engineer who’s cleared

expunged by the homefront appendix

carves a fine hillside according to code

renders you book hiker a watershed







morbid but expensively fertilized

spared under a traffic blanket

paused between toggled sticks

announced in the anti-chamber

where riches sensation a curdle

so told that apples are at work

think futilitarian thought happily

America a folio delicately creased

hints of superior epicyclical worlds

voices sailing thru breeze-block










Jasper Brinton was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and was educated in the Middle East, Scotland and the United States.   His poetry has appeared in Eccolinguistics, On Barcelona and Truck.  Jasper Brinton is online at JasperBrinton.com.



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