Issue 19




A Courtesan’s Secrets: An Abecedary


Marilyn Stablein





A    Aphrodisiacs

B    Balms

C    Copulations

D    Douche

E    Ecstasy

F    Femme fatale

G    G-spot

H    Hymen

I     Innamorata

J     Joie de vivre

K    Kama Sutra

L    Lubricants

M   Massage

N    Necking

O    Orgasmic

P    Passion

Q    Quixotic

R    Risque

S    Seductive

T    Titillation

U    Undress

V    Vulva

W   Wild

X    X-Rated

Y    Yoga Tantra

Z    Zest





A Courtesan’s Secrets: An Abecedary is a 28 page folding accordion artist’s book.



A Courtesan’s Secrets: An Abecedary is a 28 page folding accordion artist’s book.  Each page/letter is made from a reclaimed artist’s alphabet stencil.  Materials include Nepalese Lokta, Thai and handmade papers, paint, gold paint, lettering.  A small lock and chain closure (not visible) extends the theme of secrets.  (5” wide x 7” height x 1.5” depth.  Opens to 128”) 










Marilyn Stablein’s artist books explore ways to engage readers while expanding and redefining traditional concepts of text based codex bound books.  A number of her hand-bound, found, and altered books in unique formats and bindings combine personal narratives, autobiographical ephemera, vintage objects and artifacts.  Her visual journals, an ongoing series of collages using chance ephemera from her life, provide personal, visual documentation of four decades of her literary and artistic work.  Ms. Stablein has exhibited collage, assemblages and award-winning artist books at the University of San Diego, University of Nebraska, Pyramid Arts Center, Rhode Island School of Design, Catalyst Arts Belfast Ireland, the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Harwood Museum and in Otoliths, Gargoyle, Bound & Lettered Magazine, 1000 Artists Books and 500 Artists Books (Lark Publishers, 2013, 2011).  She is the author of twelve books of poetry, essays and short tales.  Book Arts Editions publishes multiple editions of her signed, numbered and illustrated books.  Marilyn Stablein is online at MarilynStablein.com



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