Issue 19




The ing Alphabet: Starring A and S

Or, How To Be Dirty Without Being Dirty


Apryl Miller





Ambushing Aching Advancing Arching Attempting Assuring Abutting Appealing

Bucking Backing Bitching

Contracting Congealing Crying Clutching Clenching

Dripping Drizzling Driving

Entering Expanding Exploring Expressing

Filling Fingering Foaming Frothing Firing Flicking Feeling

Gripping Gobbling Growing Grabbing Grinding

Husking Holding Heaving

Inserting Igniting Inebriating

Jutting Jousting

Knocking Knotting

Lubricating Lasting Licking Lapping

Mounting Mussing Mewling Mouthing Measuring Musking

Nailing Nipping Nuzzling

Opening Oozing

Pumping Petting Poking Panting Probing Pulling


Rutting Rubbing Releasing

Studding Stroking Swelling Spreading Stretching Squeezing Swaying Sniffing Sliding Snorting Spitting Sucking Soaking Sopping Squirting Spewing Snatching

Thrusting Tasting Tipping Tonguing Twisting Twirling Tugging

Undulating Unfastening Unzipping 

Vibrating Venting 

Watching Warming

X rating

Yelling Yoking

Zipping Zesting










Poet, artist, designer, philosopher, Apryl Miller is online at AprylMiller.com.  Read The Apryl Miller Interview in E·ratio 19



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