Issue 19






Jill Jones





Cloud sounds. Vary

the. Filter shreds.

That hover. Window

from. Gravel weather.

Window from. Or

GMO. Or blue.

Filter shreds. Bark

to. Drought ground.

Horse tails. That

hover. Trucked past.

Gravel weather. What

kind. What kind.

Horse tails. For

feral. Bird removal.

Bird removal. Bird

blue. Trick fields.

GMO locust. Mouse

hover. Bark drought.

Some years. Grounds

locust. Mouse you.

Drive through. Summer

what. Kind some.

Years what. Kind.

Horse tails. That

hover. Window from.

That trick. Of

fields. Not GMO.

Vary the. Cloud

sound. Or blue.

Filter shreds. Wherein

some. Years you.

Drive through. Kind

as. Leaves blue.

Bark summer. Trucked

past. Horse tails.

Filter shreds. Forecast

fails. Vary the.

Filter shreds. Clouds










Jill Jones’ most recent books are The Beautiful Anxiety (Puncher and Wattmann, 2014) and Ash is Here, So are Stars (Walleah Press, 2012).  Her work has been translated into Chinese, Dutch, Polish, French, Italian and Spanish, and has featured in a number of anthologies including The Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry edited by John Kinsella.  In 2014 she was poet-in-residence at Stockholm University.  Recent work has been published in Cordite, Vlak, Plumwood Mountain, Truck, Sugarmule, Jacket2, Qarrtsiluni and Australian Poetry Journal.  She lives in Adelaide. 



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