Issue 19






Vanessa Couto Johnson





This poem is in part inspired by a headline in the Washington Post from July 24, 2014 that read: “There is a lizard sex satellite floating in space and Russia no longer has it under control.”




removing to new dimension

in a few minutes


fastidiousness of scat

easily escapes


the design of shallow sleeping

is a choice


uneaten vitamins in an enclosure

cleaning inside of it


the past is a cricket upon substrate

that mealworms ameliorate


it is best the building fits










Vanessa Couto Johnson’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Blackbird, Toad Suck Review, The Destroyer and Posit.  She is listed as a Highly Commended Poet for the 2014 Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Prize.  A Brazilian born in Texas (dual citizen), she currently teaches at Texas State University, where she earned her MFA.  She occasionally blogs at meansofpoetry.com



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