Issue 19




Three Icarian Episodes

after Ovid, Metamorphoses, Book VIII


Carey Scott Wilkerson







Between flight is a recursion of known

is how in every spherical a gloss a fold

else the curious further only quilting,


only sensing night a version if sewn

twelve tones into which claims it retrieves

projection across sweep into thus a spline


as on might as tablature seize descending

is here one supposes quite quiver thralling

toward although from if as if as ending

in the quadratic, in the seas, in a plex.





Delos to Paros


Upon double evince past isle of Crete causative

implacement songs’ cold restraint a density to

spool a curl beyond history’s also reading vein,


a blue nimbus in row retrogression’s written

factorials and secrecy on the pattern whirled,

turned within fictives the charge of telescopes


within contrapositive or splice never as of

now as of modulo has obviously none that.

Memory if such a keep reels toward sun

finding whether over the Aegean affix.





Lebinthus to Calymne


Similar floods frame loops miracula is one

nor as movement will prove multimoda is two

as your fabula your trust your lines in three reasoning


gestures a group theoretical point en plain air

on the planet surface just as to fly or to be in

as maps are as lines if indeed this will have been


programmatic marbles too simply a curvature lost

lyrical anatomies in lessons of quiet light

for doomed Icarus seeming a recombinant

and twirling logos falls under what sky is and is.  










Carey Scott Wilkerson is a poet, dramatist, and performance theorist.  His books include a collection of poems, Ars Minotaurica, and a play, Seven Dreams of Falling, which premiered in summer 2013 at the Lillian Theatre’s Elephant Studio in Los Angeles.  Carey Scott Wilkerson is online at CareyScottWilkerson.com



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