Issue 19




Two Poems


Laura Carter









wails now,

wills now in


pulling forth from



to socialist space


as you turn into a curve of


a small

leniency of hole


& an epic friendship





Temper Hope With Caution



edging falling into absolute, baskets

of gossip

& sheathing calls

binaries opposed

                                    You thought this world was

measured in fifteen shades of pleasure & undone politics

of heart

                  with a sad knife


created stains

                  over a map on a landscape

                                    fest of

                                    for a case

                                                      makes you

                           carry you

                           beside a map


& you


tried to make feelers more sensitive

o calendrina


                  if there

is a voice behind a canvas

it must be yours at least tonight

                                             One man

at edge of bishop’s

land is carrying his water

back to drown a sewing machine

in cubes of money.










Laura Carter lives, writes, and teaches in Atlanta, Georgia, where she earned her MFA in 2007.  Recent work has appeared in many journals, including The Berkeley Poetry Review, Whiskey Island, Columbia, Hambone, TYPO, and on-line at Tarpaulin Sky.  Her most recent chapbook is Midheaven Leo (Dancing Girl, 2011), and a new chapbook, Chaos Provisions, is forthcoming from Dancing Girl in 2014.  She was a finalist for the 2012 Coconut Books Prize for a First Book of Poetry and for the 2013 Noemi Book Award for Poetry.  She frequently writes reviews for publications like The Fanzine and Atticus Review.  She has given readings in Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Boone, NC, and Athens, GA.  She lives on the east side of the city with her dog and two cats.  



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