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Jennie Cole





Spain is not Greece.1


Austria is not Greece.2

Russia is not Greece.3

Italy is not Greece. 4


France is not Greece and it’s not Italy either.5


The US is not Italy.6

The UK is not Greece.7

The UK is not Portugal.8

Spain is not Greece.


Ireland is not Greece.9

Greece is not Ireland.10


Ireland is not in ‘Greek Territory’.11


Ireland is neither Spain nor Portugal.12


Portugal is not Greece.13


Greece is not Argentina.14

Germany is not Zimbabwe.15

Spain is not Uganda.16


Uganda does not want to be Spain.17


Spain is not Greece.

California is not Greece.18

France is not Greece.19

Italy is not Greece.

Ireland is not Greece.

The UK is not Greece.


Hungary is quite obviously not Greece.20


Portugal is not Greece.

Austria is not Greece.

Russia is not Greece.

Ukraine is not Greece.21

Ukraine is not Russia.22

Crimea is not Russia.23

Crimea is not Scotland.24

Crimea is not Kosovo.25

Chechnya is not Kosovo.26

Syria is not Kosovo.27


Syria is not Bosnia, nor is it Libya.28

Syria is not Afghanistan.29

Syria is not Iraq.30


Iraq is not Vietnam.31


Italy is not Spain.32


The US is not Greece. The US is not Spain.33

Israel is not Spain.34

Spain is not Greece.

Greece is not Argentina.


Malta is not Cyprus.35

Slovenia is not Cyprus.36


Scotland is not Ireland.37


Spain is not Greece, and need not be Ireland.38

Spain is neither Ireland nor Portugal.39


Greece is not Ireland.

Neither Spain nor Portugal is Ireland.40


Ireland is not Portugal, nor is it Greece.41

Ireland is neither Spain nor Portugal.

Portugal is not Greece, and it will not turn into Greece.42


Ireland is not Greece.

Portugal is not Greece, and

Spain is not Greece.43









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Jennie Cole is a poet and artist who lives and works in London.  She is an associate of POLYply, and her work has also appeared at/in things like Otoliths, Shunt, MCBA Book Arts Biennial, Streetcake, ArtLacuna Film Festival, Forest Fringe Travelling Sounds Library, London Poetry Systems, Runnymede Festival, and Caesura Gallery. 



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