Issue 19




A lexico poem on the slaughter of a calf


Leanne Bridgewater



This work comes in two parts.  The first is the poem existing of only made- up words and the second is a near- translation.  





Hicky-bow hickies’n’whisk dionysosroll. Angristle. Brr-ring brr-ouch. Orgun; oripla. DONALD! Opposites opportune. Bugee cameli. Rero ducklord. Conny? Justajuxta... red-robin. Spectacled spec-tac. Spintellect spiñata. Entertainment. Ensemble enownen. Eufanasia: evacooation. Justajuxta foregg, foxblood. Forque!?


Reeka fracation. Fromage frishilicious. Frizz-frame. Frwy? Fryzer FUK. Sunglaze gabber sungun. Sweat, swatch, bones; swip. Tandigs: “TAN” – tame. Taser! Taser! Taser!


Tartar; telethesis. Tessen TESCO. Tesco tetrarch: thermoon. Threesum thread 269: conny? Reeka throwboat brink. JAMAICA: v. Slappit-hen = slaughter. Slime slife = ngrroar, threject. Jah-purdy: slipperch lethetation. Sloppy suit. Papsize, vizkiss.


Newman: pier, photo (“niro”): paste; phrose. Nyman! : object ocean. Occur-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring- ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring-ring OIS. Oman veal! Slottery vewol.








A redneck out to pull death by choking on a sausage roll. The energy of an angry person. A sales call when the cold gives you illness. The sound of a gun firing; several emerging from one. DUCK! Fools world in the tone of opportunity. To beg on your hands and knees the way the weather alters our moods. Bright green: a landlord who is always popping round. Can anybody hear me? Only a... a small chubby child. A so-called vision when the eyes can’t stop staring. A clever way for the piñata object to spin around when it is hit. Pink. The movement of flames every now and then. To kill off the heat with a fan: a bird’s migration. Only a sweaty ‘no need’ forehead. Why knife, why stab (in the back)?! 


It smells around here a scene of a fight. From here the feel of waves crashing against the body. To have an electric shock. Why burn? A microwave fed under kisses. The glaze of the sun to add up fast on a calculator. A sticky sweet, a candy watch, sweets; to be banned from something. Clown pants that fit two people: “they are nice” - a tape measure. A bad taste! A bad taste! A bad taste! 


Thank you very much; a sensitive thesis. To travel somewhere new til every sun cries over. Take it because the main room is a bright red face / a red balloon. A three figure sum read thoroughly. Can anybody hear me, says the calf. It smells round here... brown and pink when the boat is thrown around by choppy weather and rough seas. TRAFFIC LIGHTS: voices of vedas and veganism. To hit someone over the head = massacre. Butter a slice of life = to walk through a scary place, for power to go out of something. Feeling good now to remove leather from the shoe rack due to realizing it is a cow’s skin. An old ‘washed up’ suit when a father is unable to see his child to blow a raspberry on the skin.


Cutlery: copper and silver, a pictoral motto (“you have a nerve”): an after taste; a phrase that makes somebody freeze and stop and think about it. Realization! A very difficult yoga position: symbol blue and green. A number that keeps on calling “eyes” out in space. Oh man, omen calf! The lottery of fruit slot machines a change of energy.










Leanne Bridgewater is a poet who writes and draws, then draws upon subjects (mostly environmental).  She enjoys indulging in language poetry and experimentation.  Her latest works are Sentience: a three-thousand word sentence (Stoma Press), Three tales of Dysgeographia (self-published), The Homophone Translator: A project on homophonic translation (Beard of Bees) and an alternative series of greeting cards (zimZalla avant objects).   



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