Eratio Issue 17





a series of poems in progress


by Jérôme Poirier



“When two given colours are found on the Internet, I keep the date, ten words that contain the colours, and I add a temporality.  Here are three poems written at the end of 2012.”








(2) was a green and grey bike valued at one hundred at dawn (6) inspire a sense of community through particular green and grey at dusk (7) illustration communication web icons green and grey circle buttons series at night (11) eyeshadow in the space in-between the dark green and grey at night (12) with rain cover mint green and grey in good condition at noon (13) desire on black nylon pants bill on green and grey at night (17) shades ranging from brown black silver grey green and grey at noon (20) see research thread plus both green and grey market benefits at noon (20) pets birds green and grey singers for sale fifty-five dollars at dusk (21) and London midland who have modern green and grey trains at noon (22) light green and grey very elegant and ultra clean layout after dawn (24) tones of turquoise light green and sea foam bold infusions before dusk (25) green and grey played out a very low scoring game at noon (29) some dot earrings in blue green and grey and lastly before dusk (30) strapless dark green and grey dress never worn amazing condition at dusk (31) the green and grey have entwined in this cowl snood before dusk (12)








(1) brown and rust and red beneath the loam the dead before dusk (2) gold rust and red colour palette and worked it beautifully at night (3) removing grayed wood fiber tannin rust and red clay stains at noon (5) feature deeper richer tones of brown tan rust and red at night (8) rust and red eyes by mechanical raven in sci-fi thirteen in the morning (9) beatrice and eugenie who wore gorgeous rust and red gowns in the morning (9) orange rust and red with hints of green mixed in at noon (13) lead and iron rust and red with thick cough-able dust at noon (15) lemon yellow and white amidst the orange rust and red before noon (18) her gold rust and red colour palette and worked it at night (21) I have nine puppies available black and rust and red before dusk (25) leaves and yellow rust and red flowers for the fall at night (28) my keyboard over those rust and red ankle strap sandals at dusk (30) surface rust and red dust stain from being up north in the morning (12)








(2) a blend of burlap linen and white pumpkins and gourds at dusk (4) available in black bone linen and white at a glance in the morning (5) clear vanilla apricot creamy coconut fresh linen and white chocolate at night (7) in some natural linen and white gauze to begin with in the morning (10) for money clean bed linen and white towels every day in the morning (13) fiction romance general short stories grey linen and white skies in the afternoon (14) oslo queen bedspread white available in linen and white machine in the afternoon (18) am into right now white vintage linen and white crochet at night (24) pink crush linen and white chair cover with pink satin at night (25) airy and light pristine white bed linen and white leather at night (26) seal is lost the capsule of linen and white leather at dusk (27) to get antique white Monaco cashel linen and white Britanny at night (28) grey ground lined in linen and white kid leather sole at night (12)










Jérôme Poirier is a musician using mainly the electric bass guitar, string instruments, his voice and electronics.  He explores improvisation and acousmatic music.  He works with the idea of repetition in poetry and also composes visual art.  He is the founder and curator of the netlabel Three Legs Duck.  Jérôme Poirier was born in 1978 in Paris, France, where he lives. He is online at