Eratio Issue 17




To find what is found wanting in a crowd


by R. Kolewe







No conversation, can’t say could you

pass me that.  So keep things

in reach, or don't make the effort.


I read the same books again and again.

My understanding is corrupt.

I want fragments, shards.  I want desire.


I think of myself that’s inaccurate.

Where I am — is. A crowd

of outline I breathe through the gaps.







I don’t feel threatened by this.

I read the same.

In a garden a crowd given flaws.


Nothing special real gesture.

I don’t feel threatened by this.

Water dripping into black soil.


A body thing, a breathing and repeating

gaps until you know because you don’t

know you.  For now, in a heap, in a pile.







I think the wraithing time came later.

I want to tell but don’t have a tradition.

I so much enjoyed the autumn streets.


The wind and all the window fire.

Seeing through, seeing through.  No empty houses.

I’m not threatened by this I read.


In passing in time in conversation outside.

Sorting by myself.  Reaching.  Not a cause.

A repetition, a gap like breathing.










R. Kolewe lives in Toronto.  His work has appeared online at, and a presently untitled collection is forthcoming from BookThug in 2014.  His ongoing project concerning the continuing financial crisis can be seen at  For the past few years he’s had something to do with the online magazine of Canadian poetics,  He also takes photographs.