Issue 16 · 2012




A Safety of Signs


by Mitch Corber





      The word is rife in a safety of signs, a startle

of skies, a loose inner bug, a wild ill-advise.


      The rising resentment, a cough in the cloth,

a wool of white Fridays at the wheel of redemption.

A link to food in the chumpchain.


      In a whoosh of upheaval, the wearing away of

the dutiful crust, the mucous of cause in a mollusk

of moves.


      A froth of draft, a fix of drift, the click of cash

and a drawer of goods. The looming crawl of a lowing

herd, the cowboy clash of a dusty dog.


      Sigh palpable in a whiff of retrieval. Zen buddha

witless in a lapse of white lies.


      These husks these rinds all carry the flurry of fury,

the lead in my pencil, the nerve to be heard.


      A wicker of wonders, a stun of giraffe. The rusty

mare in a moo of glue. Which-end-is-up in a drown

of coffeecup.


      A wearing away of the peachfuzz of promise, the

ominous frost, a layer of skin at the wit’s end of lust.


      A lampshade of dust in a follicle frenzy. Fabulous

craters there to tease our reminders. The flotsam of

jetty, the frenzy of frogs.


      I look to the rest just to test the remainder.










Poetry by Mitch Corber has appeared in print and online in Vanitas, Columbia Poetry Review, at BlazeVOX, Blackbox Manifold 4, Listenlight and at Polarity.  He is producer of Poetry Thin Air, the NYC poetry cable show and videographer of the Thin Air Poetry DVD Archives.