Issue a5 · 2012



Whiskey Nice a small series of small poems


by Michael Sikkema





unicorn on the cob




overtaken dollared greens




cardinal cindy effigy




grand tin canyon




yup a gladder unto thee rough




a sole jerk sin treble




uncanny duet he can




your pocket telegraph

gets in so tight

to here tight to hear




wasp paper trail




live early to dilate



leave some dutiful cops











Michael Sikkema is the author of the chapbooks Code Over Code (Lame House Press), “Saying Things as an Engine Would” (H N G M N), I Could Jump Through the Keyhole in Your Door (Horse Less) and, with Jen Tynes, the collaborative chapbook Autogeography (Black Warrior Review).  His full length collection, Futuring, is available from BlazeVOX Books.