Issue a5 · 2012



Two Poems


by Candy Shue





Beach Tantra



A fine-grained smoothness.  Sanded skin, grit of sun.  Red earth to black, we bubble up cliff.  This quickened rim, shin deep in frothed layers.  Vertical knowledge and cold gradient, its own clarity.  Whipped air, a salt current.  Dead seal attracts, dogs us.  Rubbed in its vinegar, death, left-handed.  Skeleton of backbone, flippers. 





not by wrist



bodied out, bodied forth · corporeal sweep of water · a caught

causeway · tourist is survival · crime cloud · raining ancient

metals · beaded, ornamental · shining dawn and copper fire · but

by whole body · gash hungers, jacket surging · hat fast by leaves

braced · improbable tree supples the hand · this portion of bone

· seam of coal not yet worked · a wave directs the break rail ·

bench descends · vein and stream, silver and quick · desired

shape concentrated · houses higher ground ·








Candy Shue is a poet and reviewer whose work can be heard on the online show, Poet As Radio.  She holds an MFA from the University of San Francisco and her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Spiral Orb, Versal, Washington Square, The Collagist, Switchback, Paragraph, and other journals.  Her poems have been nominated for an AWP Best New Poets Award and a Best of the Net Award.