Issue a5 · 2012



The Colors


by Dave Shortt





dyes sunlight,

why-like bands,

broken rainbow,

refracts in iris who

this side theoretical blow blues the

blues while red rhesus, bloodshot

pops out in tropical riot of

light through

wavelength of convincing

image photon paint,

drawn to favorite

touch sky, meadow, agate, schist with

tripped widely referent to electron shells, mother-of-pearl,

PABA foci in hair

finches manipulate yellowest

schools of paradise, love

absorbed with the type of light

(in flax landscapes)

natural birthright with these things

displayed chancing (?)

oeuvre allure

deposited in limiting vocabularies

quantized in rented rooms

& black yonder’s greasy puddles,


(blank canvas approaches)


thermal variation of auras

lyric pointillist lines

tempera’d purity of portrayed rooster

goldleafed harvest’s hardwired lustres

lithographed valleys where shades of boulders outlie

consciousness of infrared gifts,

exterior enamels of

mana (candied) plant extract wind-borne clay,



abstracted from tints of marble,

impressionism-reminders singe

& ice down monochrome adjectives of galleried afternoon,

(yes then undecided indigo),

Old Masters embolden their illusions

to leave the crystal & horsehair,

no consensus arrived at for ‘decadence’

after centuries mentally trying

to unlock the humble spectrum


(millipede wriggles through putrefaction,

blind winds blow cement dust unto coral waters,


‘gray bipartisan reflection if it affects’


‘emblazoned vectors, psychedelically de-educated, & moody’


Delos’ unique sun-blessing


‘mushrooming expressionism in real life’



had sprung up

could be read & crossed

by laser or eyes closed

(one lipstick was to be kissed

another spat out

another creating meditation space

from lips’ cracked lines)


the eyes-closed silicate dots

the eyes-open digital glow

vasodilation this birthday’s candle

next time from the base of the spine

a diamondback?

may climb the van gogh nerve


signs of concentration

above drugfree skin’s

political map surface


avoid nerve of pallors,

descending, descend

with a giveaway of adrenalin

from the chromosome chakra











Poems by Dave Shortt have appeared in Mesechabe, Bullhead, Sulfur and Nedge and online at Switched-On Gutenberg, Sugar Mule, The Arts Paper and Astropoetica.