Issue a5 · 2012



from Turning on the Domestic


by Lisa McCool-Grime, Natalie Watson & Julie Wood





dirty laundry



         Truly a dry din!
         ’Til day run dry,
         I duly try...
         a ruddy try...

                  Natalie Watson


dry ad until yr nudity

yr rad lunar-lit Y

yr D daddy truly rin-tin dry

dry Laura dry & untidy litany


duly dr. rant duly

rid yr dirty laundry lady

i’d try unruly art & yr N

     did N tarry idly dud?

in a rut dr.?  Y? 



tiny dud Lyra

undry it dr. Lyra

try dun idyl runty Lyra

did lady run?  i'd try





Chicken Nuggets




         UGH I C NECK, G


                           Julie Wood


King Cunt, he sick egg:

        Ingest UK hen.

(cc:  chick_gets_gun)

        Neigh, gents. Nuke

(cc:  Ks_nice_gun_tech)

        genetic hunks @ G & G

        Chik Ns. Gut Gene.

(cc:  gen_net_icks) 

        Chug Gene’s gin. 

        Chuck thickset nun. Egg

(cc:  ick_g_n_g)

        the unseen. 

        Egg chin tucks,

        sucking then gecking.

(cc:  gets_u_hen)


The King,

(cc: us_gents)

he gusting:

(cc: ken_u_sing)

        Nth geek,

(cc: chic_kens_gun)

        get sung.

(cc:  the_king_eggs)

Hence Cunt.








Turning on the Domestic is a collaborative anagrammatic poetry project begun by Lisa McCool-Grime in her first year of motherhood.  Lisa McCool-Grime is a teacher living in Lompoc, CA.  Natalie Watson is a lawyer living in Tinton Falls, NJ.  Julie Wood is a private pediatric life coach living in Omaha, NE.