Issue a5 · 2012



Three Poems


by Billy Cancel





mirror mirroreconnaisance: on st.lawrence day

morn the wind shall do more harm than any man
can recall. mirror mirrorecollect: night of stunning
paper dress camera flash firestorm. dashing now
but have been ghostly thatype a little about
northend? hog the balance have sympathy
for wire cutters take a pleasant drink against
insanity & the devil or feel joy & strike. dumb
luck rung out around the world. wreckage
of a german bomber
will be found off
the cornish coast.





brokentered spot between moss draped oaks blue
skeleton beckoning so screw silver yard these are low
times stuffed with glass. some get choreographed some get marrowless we both agree neither of us has hollywood
behind nor hyacinths ahead. beyond a distant
crest the village steeple the willing scaple & you
won’t want to talk about it. over a berlin warehouse
careful additions to the milky way but you liked sun so
you’ll be foam. once i threatened to upside down
pavilion to closeason the hole sure not now though





red black gray palette but the claim processing
position in refrigerator city is where i need to be
right now. forgottonia sophomores: all trickery
grasp, shard enhancements, south slope, beige
reconsideration; so young with afterlife code.
busted window i evoke a dissection of oh if but
water i was north atlantic palatine light. were
shin scrapers: two minutes of gold stitch, farce
tension farce, fragility pool no shrieking pit; all
muscle & bone, technical mess painted green.











Billy Cancel is a Brooklyn based poet.  His work has recently appeared in Shampoo, Glitterpony, Lungfull! and at Cricket Online Review.  He performs in the poetry/noise band Farms and co-runs Hidden House Press.  A collection, The Autobiography Of Shrewd Phil, was published by Blue & Yellow Dog Press in September 2010.