David Chikhladze

poems from The Book of Reality





the top to catch
to arrest
to grip the essence

to eat greedily
to grip the essence of book
to devastate

devastated by war
to wash dishes
the mousetrap

pompous preacher
an increase in volume

hovering flight

to make it liberal
to enlarge the horizon
to mold

increasing in frequency
textbook of spelling
the training troop unit



Orthodox Church


the fist right
group of trees
to lay down

hay mowing
sense of humor
in a sense
eroded by water
swaying on the waves

feeling the fear

to raise eyes
noisy assemblage
wood screw

spring semester
construction scafold
in the large scales

to exist untill
propagandistic advertisement

boarding ladder



Murdered Poet-Storyteller Karlo Kacharava


church court
asterisk on the pursuits

chime periods
raw seam
the meat fried on the gridiron
to strictly inquire
the structure of the cloth

glory to god!
sledge hammer
upside down
the knife of the butcher











PR Primeau



In Memoriam


forgetting myself

amidst the crooked trees

in my memory

I watched buds


cough syrup

over my thirsty

medicine cabinet


I recalled

opium in the morning,

my fingers pulling

the black worms apart

& the heartbeat of my

cavernous skull,


the pilgrimages which took us

to houses crippled

with roots,

where anchors fell from

the ceilings

& where

the bay rose up

in white veins

of ice

those days

colored by

dockside sunsets,

those days

which slipped quietly

through eyedroppers

hideous flowers

carved themselves

into my arms

as I tried to see through

the waves of

endless nods

which devoured

the faces of watches

while I dreamt at noon

& suddenly I see you

standing upon narcotic cliffs

wearing a glove of mirrors

which reflects my

one thousand faces

as I walk through a puddle

now, now

you have scribbled

all over me

& all I can say

is this.




eratio poetic language issue six, fall 2005, edited by gregory vincent st. thomasino