Issue 9 · 2007


from transfiction



by Bill Lavender




ceremonial certainty



sharp swish of a branch

& a hospital of

grammar supplies  

we receive but what we give


bury an urn with

not even a card

or chance to decline

a notion of sin now vanished


copulating beneath a full moon

those blessed structures

plot & rhyme

plant themselves with me here


glorious green

tamborine harmonica mandolin

spray-painted outpourings

the ground dry as wood


& even if it could be a harbor

let your tongue savor

the wind melting

light from an olive oil lamp


this is how it came about

preferring any future

love to this present

I could hardly speak


of day breaking for you

the eddies & curlicues

the mule-tongued flowers

the pear's red flesh


what chanted in darkness &

throat bracketed light

nightmare of the I

lying alone


what stranger

scaled the wall

as we passed in the street

light of a prison lamp


that bedeviled memory

at home in unhappiness

with the air of one dying

birds quietly singing


engraved figure guarding

the intaglio self

how sovereign was my touch

I wore your love & pity








you are the presence of

what were suburbs in 1955

white nymph anterior attention

dancing stoned

no words in you but

that rag of a boy

lying in-state

like a flower

like a golden



god’s assistance

the imminent sting

it was a book

thousands of readers

changed in the continuation


the world is round but

what will be brought to us

can’t be remembered

an unknown source

winced when you said it


panting & kissing

to coax into light

that certain

desperate branding

iron hot noon

singular like your

heart with rejoicing


a child sleeps

in a pile of doeskin

snowman rooted

yearning to respond


you touched her sleeping breasts

forgot where you were

freed from beat & measure  

& for once not retiring


but wilting

could a dream send up

this dim imitation


that refreshing breeze

turns out to sea & sleeps &

what monster climbs up

inside you to die


E · Poetry Journal