from Novaless . . .


by Nicholas Manning








of bluest reason :

we have come so far yellow trees

line the city * ’s a syntagma

pale wharves golden

air anywhere

else but * my noumenon

former trivialities awake worse

than ever the knotty irregular

rainbows : a mild


in the obstacles a bayonet « what’s a tree

beside a life . . . ? » a synecdoche !

set foot * on marks :

to do

quite silently

look touch and learn

the curtains * are drawn

it is exactly its own * age :

« keep the blind down

‘till I come »








when it is dark

the probability is sufficient

came over the green * worn by way

of mourning

the books and matériel

rank literatures of emotion and passion

he honestly was * at times

in the midnight rays

of his lamp








underwave . . .

the hectic leaves

the mud-picture of force

over mats * of starry moss . . .

the helical molecule


rosy passionate deference

urbi et orbi * from the theologium . . .

bending * these pale rays

stretched away

(most) into remote

space directions being

invisible * but treasuring * her

image : if it lacks memories

the top of a tree









a divided sigh

still * of the objects :

pitcher-shaped * polyhedral

lateral petals with cordate leaves . . .

the horses wore their bells * that day

yet remained as narrow :

to be sent away

by reason

of their own noise . . . suddenly

there beamed : a nucleoside

their Urheimat * haloed

(in former times)

tuned to scale


two octaves (viola

da gamba) among the last

to retain the animate * biographical

field of his vision whose hands planted

the trees : arms of any imposter

the fog * of the previous

evening setting fire

to the dead




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