Four Poems


by Amanda Laughtland




No Laughing Matter



After college everybody said she'd marry

in no time, but the whispered story


of her trouble made the rounds

as it always does.  It simply


ruined her socially.  This is exactly

what halitosis does to many a woman


without her even realizing it.





In New England



Baked beans soak the night over

for Saturday supper and return


at Sunday breakfast, lavished

on fresh bread.  Every summer


begins with a pot of clam chowder.

Everyone's lives are the lives


of former first ladies, not crowded

with knick-knacks like ours.





Try Making Peanut Butter at Home



It's not too hard.  Roast shelled peanuts.

Slip off skins.  Grind peanuts


in your meat grinder until you find

the desired fineness.  Add salt.


Add peanut or vegetable oil.

Stir thoroughly, but don't expect


as creamy and smooth a butter

as your grocer sells in jars.





Faux Gazebo



Everyone wants a shady spot

on your new deck, a trick


made possible when friends

hang a trellis in the twenty minutes


it takes for pizza to arrive.




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