Two Poems


by Christine Hamm




You Might Be Tarzan



in the beginning you can call her Sarah

it helps to draw a dotted line down her middle

if your underwear confuses you

you can type on her with your tongue

you pluck the moons from her bowls


you hold her liver, small, moist

a starling on the telephone

icy children’s hands on your neck

stand outside, like a payphone

if you have an astronomer,

ask him to hold her hip

on the other side of the world





Drawing Water to the Eye


some text from Simple Sketching in Line, 1933



Let us commence with an eye.

This is too difficult, you say.

Well, let us look a little closer

and try to simplify.


First, let us tackle the eyes of birds,

which close underwater.

Here is evolution.

If we draw beautiful eyes,

you will at once appreciate

the water, now returning in a teaspoon.


The country walker draws water as no

other traveler.  It is important to carry

a bucket as well as a pencil.

If it rains, you may place the bucket

over your head.  Absurd! you may say.



A traveler in Spain was offered a ticket

for a bull-fight.  If he had drawn himself

drinking with the bull, he might have

obtained his cup of water.


You are not necessarily an expert

at this yet.  Spilling, also, is easily done.

A teary eye may be hid by a bucket.  A traveler

must always check for tears under his

sketch pad, starting out, or he may

get a pencil in the eye.



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