poems from The Book of Reality


by David Chikhladze







floor, overlap, the floor

bottom of the sea, to lay floor,

to take over, to place in blind alley


to destroy a story a floor,

to compose history

to spread the rumors


sound amplifier the distance of shot

sound of explosive to multiply

twisted plant

mountain climber the careerist


increase a mirage the knitting

machine the shadow


humbled submissiveness

disgrace, to dishonor

hammer of judge and, etc.


to direct a ship


accuracy the severity


working wheel

whale's mustache

docent the circle of the readers



extreme to, towards


to make notes

a bundle of ballerina


official letter









gymnast gynecology


revolving muscle


to revolve in circle

the revolving door


vortex the whirlpool

part the division divided

into the cantons grant

record village the settlement


colony the siege park

lovely sight to rot


malfunction a failure


to revolve in spiral

propeller impregnated with camphor.








aegean sea


carefully conduct oneself


frame of bed

the frame of the broken vessel


to eat till full to take back

words.  brauning.

to take for doubt.


to charge to supply with water

to run away the convinced unmarried

giving a vow of celibacy


give time to think

digest daguerreotype

even if long time ago


concealed unexpressed

nonappearance to the work

inexpressive face


sour cabbage the roof

coating of the road


covered with hoarfrost

treelike fern

dresden porcelain


safety wiring

sowing grain



finder a small farmer

selector wooden mallet

cap on the chimney stack.






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