Two Poems


Jasper Brinton








Ardent at the window, wet-down

plastic would fill the bound

of a tremble, cuffed with apparent

texture & pattern if a lateral dollop

comes to mind, reflecting your loss of angle

while our wild goodnight flash

swabs and gloves the summit ahead

rents history’s paneled woodwork

or at best the luxury of the clutch, cheap

sense will make of dieback.


This square marks a loosening smile

too soon shanked, withheld

when the count for the shroud

clashes your painted frame

our lustered geometry about to thaw.

Watch it thru, against sleep stretch

note the integrity of the once again

and why grinding at hard years

rips at the failing hand-off pleasure

strops the view shaped before them.


Enough, our object profile

a light tread, is passing bright

given the wholeness ample drama

footwork for our surge formation

limitless ground while your ceiling

unseen as bare-tooth nature

regardless of an acculturated garden

feathers the flash of pleasured tears

floats a mortal above what now

and then you do not interleaf.







object of touch



Mark of the organic ruin

distemper of the avenged eye

when will the sun transform

bleach the woodland artifice —enchant

gut, for the dream persuasion


remember, awake and among innards

(the cyclic seven-thirty-hour)

nature of that noun’s pleasure

grapples a grind of verb

placates our ledge of recognition


before us a prescient margin

designed stone-broken against ravenous

gray wrapped & stacked horizon

the often dread land wreckage

ridding our blade-scope remnant


mankind will bone by name

unless the winter predatory gender

brace instead defend the element

avoid the scratch this tear

November freezes at the face









Jasper Brinton lives in a restored country schoolhouse near Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.  Born in Alexandria, Egypt, he was educated in the Middle East, Scotland and the United States.  Over the years a passion for wood and word led to a career in design and architecture with stints in printing and network television.  His poetry has appeared in Eccolinguistics, On Barcelona, Truck, SprungPoems, E·ratio 26, BlazeVox and Zarf.