Steven Waling







Here am I    face down truffling

in a bowl of difficulty    switch

phone off    fun creative engaging


w/ landscape where    the heart

is it    recovers   lines

have been elided    others are


more or less complete    unsuitable

for heavy goods    wait here when

red light shows    as the road


snakes the hillside    steam from

distant working mill    so last

century    autumn sun dazzles


through fresh air    a book of difficult

in my want shed     let them enjoy

that seat they sprinted for opening


to valleys in the Derbyshire peaks

littered with paths    for trespassers

all we want’s a day wi’out smog






Echoes everywhere    birds whistling

the Manchester Rambler    if this is

global warming I’m all for it    sit by


packhorse bridge    no fishing we

prosecute trespassers    at any time

plaque in the car park 12 feet up


the cliff as I trudge through the peat

the underlying rock is Millstone Grit

be properly equipped    jackdaws chatter


two rivers rinsing the rocks    meet

run off together    2 children giggling

we’re waxing poetic again    stop it


this is my escape and I love it    should

you be looking for a job    Arthur Lowe

born in this terrace    plantar fasciitis


you fascist of feet    church bells

toll the half-hour    in the Studio

painting / drawing for the terrified






Anyway I’m writing    so bugger off

by the Hayfield Countryside Centre

autumn scarlets    brmm of little bus


out of everywhere    light    but it gets

dark sooner    a day off grid    warm

where the working man takes the air


for his own lungs    worried about

the planet but    it’s been a grand day

dodging time’s bailiff    instant


jobmatch    meetups this week    switch

off phone    catch the bus back home

low sun in my eyes    not nothing


this quiet    so linguistically innovative

if I put my mind to it    I could be

William Wordsworth of New Mills Asda


language services    or surfaces

and the big bright sky    where clouds

write their names    reduce speed now









Steven Waling has been widely published in journals both in print and online, most recently at Some Roast Poet and The Curly Mind.  His books include Travelator (Salt), Captured Yes (KFS) and Hello GCHQ (Dept).  A new book, Disparate Measure aka Spuds In History, will be out soon.