from City Expos


Stephen Nelson





6. Kingston



panda & pasta

are silently aligned


smoking ganja under willows

in mystical Devon


the reeds are singing, Beyoncé

- listen!


or be the quiet birth of calculus





7. Dar Es Salaam



stars, said Caesar, or meadowlarks

labia? she said - no, Tanzania


weeping honey over milk thistle

the mushrooms tender in the forest


I sip the sap, the syrup from my fingers by telephone





8. Quito




a bath of fermented bananas


sitting on a wall of translucent marble

when the military arrives


cells & saki

cells & no self-respect

love is aromatic in the plaintive thrum of rain





9. Lhasa



birds are ripe apples


one bird

one bite


marble light leaves wings

in yellow cloud coronations


my skin predates the emperor’s bathroom breaks





10. Vienna



a tower of cellos

burns the brasserie


Freud cooked spaghetti for the Nazis


maybe I’m poor

but the medicine

I spoon fellates 

egalitarian sonatas





11. Tromsø



float towards me



Emily pours salt into the science of beluga bliss


mountains are missing

from a storm cloud’s nutritional value

from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s nubile anthropomorphism

from the archaeology of the dawn









Stephen Nelson is the author of several books of poetry, including Arcturian Punctuation (Xexoxial Editions) and Lunar Poems for New Religions (KFS Press).  He has exhibited vispo and asemic writing internationally and published in numerous journals, including 3am, Posit, Big Bridge, BlazeVox Journal and The Adirondack Review.  He is currently working on a YA sci-fi/fantasy novel.  Find him online at and