figures at tempo


Kenneth Kesner





who has been there who will follow

maybe we get to go


speak out sometimes so to speak

take the sunlight lock the walls in place

it’s the time of labyrinth


watch the minotaurs at play

abundance is near


cornice of fate pediment of myth


forget to read write a dedication

a museum of acquaintance

watch the visitors and they’re gone


are you ready prepared to wait


look back softly if you’re around

morning still might last

caught in a prism sound in a vacuum


we hold now until we’re held

shadows talk a sense of light

don’t let go stay almost found


shoulder the same jettison the lines


pretend you’re not here if it’s so

circle back and check close to hand









Kenneth Kesner has worked abroad in various capacities with USIS.  Some recent or forthcoming work is included in Forty-Eight Review, IthacaLit, Subterranean Blue Poetry, Taj Mahal Review and Tule Review.  Whenever possible he volunteers to assist new immigrants to the US in the enculturation process.