Tirzah Goldenberg





extra-biblical by less

furtively interpretive


midrash fight shy of

that kind of composite proof text


to read in an extant state

to identify it devequt







your yad’s yield of literal mistakes

complete with pomegranates

antique finials

above the decorative









(the remains of) anything belonging to the rebels



her sandals near to               olives to

her braided hair                    alephs in the hidden press


the earthly                            figs pressed

angelic liturgy                      to figments


their bones                            dates to dates

and their bones                     of Shabbos moons


of holy scrolls                       to sing like the angels

our talismans                        rebels b’yachad


our drawn lots                      early Hebrew

our fruits                              ostraca







the Unchangeable desires change


assembling pines pitching resinous


seals the kavod bowing for a spell


here in where’s forecourt where


coins are mint


ed repeatedly to change


ling poems bearing change


lings to bust


our poorly made money









Tirzah Goldenberg is the author of the collection of poetry Aleph (Verge Books 2017).  Another collection with an unpronounceable Paleo-Hebrew title is forthcoming from the same press in 2020.  Other work can be found in Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, Aurochs, Flag + Void, and LVNG.