from Passive


Adam Greenberg





he was but saw two novel actions

did not describe the viewing sequ


ence, eyes on the street adequate

windows balconies and so on all


owing them to monitor repetition

mapping natural processes summ





sense of space in continual need

of quasi-natural force from anot


her politely letting them the sen

se of events this body of work t


o study subsoil bedrock of local is

sue who shall repair to its own land





the woody recruitment of forest cara

bid beetles receiving her [sc. nature’


s] influences, often all that is require

d for a very early stage of external a


gency, dead wood from the core, sha

llow evaporates seeking soil, red and





as rain can cause pools to fill up a

nd then overflow spaceborne sens


ors, behaves as a spectator a parsi

monious adaptation to disperse a


mong pools: my daily routine to s

upport my children’s interests: am





lation of audience distanced cloud

robust appreciation escapist partit  i


oned from canopy reflectance soci

al preferences a break using invert


ebrates or samples, free prizes im

mediate versus future cost thicker





days sampling nets: turtle by catch

freshwater circulation towards pub


lic form encourage a space of hip u

pon eye- an area tracking Voice no


de solid-void on-street trap or beak

leaf and explore green scaffolding








Poetry by Adam Greenberg has recently appeared or is forthcoming from Best American Experimental, The Brooklyn Rail, Tagvverk, Columbia Poetry Review and Witness.  His translations of the work of Mexican poet Carla Faesler have appeared in Chicago Review, Asymptote, Erizo and Anomaly.  He recently graduated from Brown University with an MFA in poetry and now live in Washington, DC where he teaches writing.