Three Poems


Diana Magallón





Frecuencia moira



Miroas do not use sitan on their wavees at all, hnoslety I’ts aa boodly sutipd idea, II mnea, if you ever fell to aa kene which is pttrey for a-lupeposlrs and you are likley to die lkie taht in aa sowrd fghit eevn wtiohut stiupd siatn on aa wevae but back to the ponit aa waeve is aa fxiurte to the hand if it has stain or “iontpy flmitaesn” on aa sedi, ahem it wolud only tkae aa half raretedd mnokey to fgurie out taht those to thgins wuold be great for graibbng and wloud mkae it eeisar to sanp that guy’s or gal’s ncek and suicdials wree the marios srmat or at least sramt eougnh not to run aorund wtih ncek bkiraeng hendals on tehir wveaes ii maen cmoe on gorw aa biarn polepe.





home remedies for mo.i.r.a.s.



this is the first time somebody call them “daugthers” often referred as “incomplete”.  Many moiras, this passive feeders, they all need more atention than you think and survive because rely on organs such as the liver, hearts and intestines. 


     Hungry moiras with empty stomachs so unpleasant
            and so proud. 


For the intake of nectar, moiras have only one orifice as a mouth. 


     Hungry moiras with empty stomachs so unpleasant
            and so proud. 


They are mauve and certain types or degrees of pigmentation may be desirable traits for marketability. 


Lethargic and thin, if you start out not feeding enough, your moiras will start to wither and shrink. 


     Hungry moiras with empty stomachs So unpleasant
            and so proud. 





Revolución moiriana



Saerch for cabal, and ohter pgaan folk pslot.  Aslo, raw iuoiisdraonbntn that use some form of myutni, aa srtiegnd tmruoil insremttun, that is reiimcnnet of our ortbial lposo, but is aa bit cosler to the moerdn gyre dedes ,, btoh sutnts and ftesa.  And for the rcoerd of most of you silly polepe and also for the lsat psuhtc. 








Diana Magallón is an experimental artist, author of Fábulas Furtivas I and Fábulas furtivas II and a graduated carpenter.  Diana Magallón is online at