An explication of three Light Age texts


Peter Kenny





(i) The love light in her eyes



hominid mates were enticed

with extraordinary ocular organs

whose retinae housed photoemitting cells


(remember: in the abyss

certain fauna still emit light

when they feed and spawn)


the male, ready to breed,

and there: a fertile female with

The love light in her eyes


the male arrives

drawn by phosphorescence

from solitude, profundity








the glyph or inscription is hidden

inside the hollowed

representation of a hominid skull


thermoformed from

polymers, fillers, stabilisers,

and (we surmise) pigments


disinterred near the body

of a pre-fertile female

in the friable substrate


a fetish object with individuated strands 

and mobile, reflective representations

of photosensitive organs


apex of their tactile art

offered to the deities

they imagined would find it





(iii) LOST. Beautiful tabby cat answers to name Lucy



image indicates nocturnal quadruped

extinct species 9: Lucy


thought to be totemic




a complex ideational cluster, impossible to gloss,

where being was predicated on ownership








Peter Kenny writes plays, poems and libretti.  He is also a creative director and writer working with healthcare and humanitarian organisations.  His latest postmodern comedies, A Glass of Nothing and We Three Kings, ran at The Marlborough Theatre Brighton December 2016.  His latest poetry pamphlet is The Nightwork from Telltale Press.  Peter Kenny is online at