Sarah Green





what is day — it’s a girl

sew marriage for the good maid

sugar in your pocket

for the bicycle horse


wood shavings and ironed shirts

picking up, and picking up, and picking up the children

and putputputting them down

you could say she makes honey


blanket of herbs and

wall of leaves

families picnic

she watches families picnic on TV


suns wear

yellow petal bonnets

tempt tender



bridges carry pregnant possibility

water drowns

my garden is full

little dove


fade to blue

walls blue

bowls, blue bouquets

blue as my blue, blue robe



don’t like sadness

happiness works by addition

desserts mustn’t be the same


nuclear families

in orange autumnal sweaters

nap in the leaves

and disappear










Sarah Green is a member of The Next Objectivists poetry collective and was a recipient of Shimer College’s Ruth Cooley Poetry Prize.  She earned an MSW at The University of Chicago and currently works as a social worker doing community outreach to individuals struggling with mental illness.