The Dying


M Robin Cook





“Do I need to be inspected, vivisected by the people

who laughed at me, to receive my credential?” 

                                        — Rick O’Bomon



I say hey girl

with sugar on the top and you say haaay grrrl

flaming’s never gonna stop you say? you draggin’ breath

with painted lips all pursed and puckered

          for these downtown seers

lookin’ for an all day sucker you go wonder in

through trashy glitzy streets while you are panderin’

the future citizens you greet

          in dark          alley ways

          in smoky haze

          in passion plays

in groovy raised letters make a book in time

slip through dog-eared pages

it’s only one thin dime

the glass will clear and bare its treasures

          reveal its pleasures

drop the coins and pull the lever

ages in we’re not so clever

are we?          were we ever?


here I am still down (I’m always down) upon my knees

a genuine reflection of the silky sylphs of sleaze

          and empty sleeves

where nothing’s up but memories

I worship at the altar of my childhood recollections

when my soul escaped detection

through a slightly handy feat of misdirection

I’m a tempting sort

so          what happened?

when did turnin’ transy tricks give way

to buggerin’ myself for free

in dirty stinking city alleys

where you come to take my assays



you stand in beauty like the night

holding forth a lightless light

greeting ships that pass in spite of how you deign to sink them

if copper plate could rust

you would be on your knees

beside me swallow in your sticky dreams

          by slow degrees

a gender free

          gratuity of cum and blood and


wretched refuse all that’s left

          green into pitch

scorching stinking in the sunset

hungry cranes they lie in wait

to dine on huddled masses

          until all that’s left is. . . ?








M Robin Cook is queer non-binary trans woman interested in doing her bit to de-marginalize persons and worthwhile things.  She is an American living, loving and writing in Copenhagen with the best partner ever.  She loves to move folks when she can, maybe even change them a little.  Mostly, she just likes good stories.  Her stories, poems and drawings have appeared in The Collection (Topside Press, 2012) and the HIV Here & Now Project (Indolent Books, 2016).  She has work slated to appear in the upcoming Trans Women Across Genres from EOAGH.