Issue 21




(all the things you’re not)


Tara Roeder





slow and steady; an encyclopedia; floating above mount vesuvius; a starfish; saying my name; drawing turtles in the sand with your finger; bursting into bloom; a pediatrician; doing the charleston; making me pancakes; an hourglass; crawling toward a mirage in a state of fever; kansas; a collection of rocks; exceptionally kind; glowing radioactively; buying me flowers; two small boys under a trenchcoat; extremely tall; pretending anymore; an ant hill; buying a starship; in my bed










Tara Roeder is an Associate Professor of Writing Studies in New York City.  Her co-edited collection on writing pedagogy, entitled Critical Expressivism: Theory and Practice, was recently published by Parlor Press, and her poetry has appeared in Blood Lotus and is forthcoming in THRUSH



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