Issue 21




Four Poems


Billy Cancel





     adrift fortuitously or be kept for the pot   don’t move into next county     just to be named get-in-the-box-get- in-the-box then presently thin blue tongues of flame         you’d have to paint draw everything   not to mention      update the spine    i remember last july warm colors approaching ran into a swarm of them didn’t get suckered      extreme principle of beast intervention         yellows orange reds much joy   i bit gamely until   the end you could at least have sharpened your faculties  that outlandish rig in parsley soup as near to right we were going to get  over here they have established a coordinated system of crud if you need to       make a telescope with your hand




     crank up the pig foot         dazzling kid rough few   incident stream marigold crisis  now grey drift       take me       to my pipe   before the skim ‘n’ scum get here      of their spectral puppet play you must trace their cunning wires   & leave this woodsman little to say  cryptic signage but unfettered by such nonsense let’s go all non-chronological lapse into self-aware    it must suck being you a spokesperson said to which i countered fresh proliferation upon sloping grassy margins is what it’s all about eels is snakes         we know that but here is   the recipe    take it for what it’s worth         at home       before slagging it off




     transcribing a folk song pinpointing a tumor  don’t mind more wonders of the invisible world    but 15 hours to make 6 worth         without some rustic to pick up the slack suggests to endure life with a swollen       red face is to have it in perfection      he says i found him compound of inactive stuff         gross aspirations cut short by blue flash pork boom         mischief here too late & squashing the injured not a first order sport     all i did was emit light       bothered & wearied for half a day by a bad piece of low marshy ground my compulsive radar’s thematic affirmation went blip faint blip to an aggregate of      light blue flute      blue cello    dark blue double bass      darkest blue organ   dear reader i hope now you may agree i have given enough space to the insect question  never made the starring part like onion or potato   how to disappear between 2 glowing logs do tell




     of miserable grey tangle a jolly thing make     crystallized result spread glows within         lean yellow trumpet notes         rate this digression brightly    naïve incantation means some random trace for     the rest of us yeah yeah   yeah the weather all that can be wished for   diluted clergyman’s throat with  short disorganized noise bursts gave it         a destined alteration of tone      loss of strength & exhaustion were the penalty    in sloppy translation i flirted with modifier who held the line between animals nice cameo as     the sister of an idiot        can you at least check this  tannery built 6 miles upstream which chokes the brook with chemicals bark & ooze?       end of chapter 4










Poems by Billy Cancel have recently appeared in Blazevox, Bombay Gin and Other Rooms Press.  His new body of work, GAUZE COAST, is out on Hidden House Press.  Sound poems, visual shorts and other aberrations can be found at BillyCancelPoetry.com.



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