Issue 19






Carey Scott Wilkerson





The Minotaur, not known for small talk,

says put your history behind many doors

and imagine the Greek without translations

and systems of space and pleasure in hidden places.

He is thinking now of the conflicting accounts

in the reflective inquiries of certain scholarly types

who presume to reclaim our truth before

veils of naïve beliefs, draped over

texts of sleepwalking

next to exigent, slow

madmen and participles.

The Minotaur further asserts that there exist only

witnesses to dreams or seminars and pictures

in books as one might love to see immured in a maze

or down an unmapped street

or in the ruin of an incomprehensible game.

It is a box and not some other

as you may have wondered

as you are surely expected to ask

as who would not think to suppose

as to the contents therein

as far as can be discerned

a box a box thus the thing it is.

No one would expect you to believe it,

but the Minotaur, not known for his research methods,

consulted three versions of this strophic invocation

and found each to be a fabulism of eponymic flourishes,

none inconsistent with a fractured view

of the trajectory of Western voice speaking over itself

     in reflexive jests,

having not finished a sentence in something like four

     thousand years.

It is, therefore no surprise at all to find that the Minotaur says

keep your secrets behind just one door and permit only

those who can do the most damage to inspect the evidence,

your repertory of improperly annotated worlds

filled with words you did not write.

He then proposes providentially that the family is not yourself

but your heart or your face, and however the night converges

on your love, there is yet some possibility for this

language, inside out, under the bed, under scrutiny

understanding, of course, that this is not only his head

but a vision of what will remain.

Nor does the Minotaur remember his name.










Carey Scott Wilkerson is a poet, dramatist, and performance theorist.  His books include a collection of poems, Ars Minotaurica, and a play, Seven Dreams of Falling, which premiered in summer 2013 at the Lillian Theatre’s Elephant Studio in Los Angeles.  Carey Scott Wilkerson is online at CareyScottWilkerson.com.



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