Issue 19




Piggle Plus


Linda Kemp





it might help her to work through these issues in a safe environment by working with a male therapist







wondering how to do what i had to do

         i felt quite safe


forget or cease

         to use

the word


         to see

the change

         and lack


when I go back


early                      it was when


the following:

         and arrival

         m / b – add









together we are put by our we are put by our together



I haven’t got one of these

I said

I said

            this was deliberately planned

there is always                  deliberately planned

there is enough in the

through the walls

through the walls there is heart

she has shown a lot of courage




turn, in more detail

counterbalanced to a great extent by a larger stream of more


this is         taking up


conclude: it means







less tense                  constant                  in alone

the sand and the stone, empty everything out

pout of the can’t

         open & shut

roles overlap, seem arbitrary

        is where          come from


the many faces








a little stick broke







the external world in                  making tentative churches

resuming the idea

indicates something passes            |         rigmarole is self-esteemed

wrapping in a blanket and thrown to the

             potter’s wheel


             giggle at the



writing about it as brutal







joining distinction between

telling and noise

         nosey! has nothing

to do with, to do with my my                                    a kind of

         through an open window with suspicion


who can i trust?







All the troubles gone

with nothing left to tell

we’re touching elbows

                  a stone in a bag

with nothing

to invent the where

                  we my

                           and cross the                           cross the line into

peacocks are shaking birds, fill their heads with iridescence


rejecting bids







string, and said fix

there might be (something)

fix the string


         urgency is a handful

         crooked houses

         crooking arms


         every night it’s made

         a crooked house

         in a crooked village


         with crooked mummies

         crooking fingers

         crooked corners


it would take some very strong string to take that








Urgency is a sort of quietude, a choir of rag-taggle posies-oh,

         kinda juxtaposed, backed up

                  a wall against: one two, one, one two, one

                           check this

check me, speaking into the speaker, again. Check


budding into a highly impressionable yarn







they only die if a snake bites them


houses in a row place splinters inside

the splintering inside


a terrible stink

                           just listing







A difficult hook whispers to the other, ‘how adenoidal is this one                                                   tonight,’ it’s difficult to make out

what’s she trying

she’s trying to what build, tracks, cities, depressed and tearful,                                                                            longing to be a boy.


does it take enough to outgrow the tom-tom, phase out like tasers                                                   but less lovingly. S/he runs into

the bathroom laughing at the bathroom bits,



more at home in the backyard than with her







Each little bit not audible but wrapping in a red shift around the

                                               round; not a light-bulb moment but

the heaviness of hand describing actions which never


make the links


another key role


                           i put

                           i put

                           head to knee                  a letter under her pillow


s/he cries at nights and disengaged asks to speak




i’m going to play with a red crayon if a red crayon is the only thing

                                                                                      you leave







not you, cow, you, dog; you, cow...

         a portion passionately apportioning                           bits

      a man         outside


                which parts did        

dustbin or mending

the yummy condescending

mending of the the

fixing hooks

taking with no talking







I want the sound


wind in the

wind in                  running

wind in                  running  with curtains wrapping around

         a cave, a winnnn


                           I want the sound                      the running

water the back

              the slow




of letting


there’s no way to know whether a particular.  You can only tell









Optrex baths         bathe circumferences

write a paragraph describing

sauces of conflict

(the jam and spoon mix, the write rewritten)

chancy so chance







The dog is too empty to stand,

         standing beside the lamb,

joining up the train,


the jinks the jinks they leave so slow, calypso, so, so


sometimes i remember-o

         a vision in a living room-o

so, o-so,

         what little girl could care so s/he


slips in a lighter and later lights up

         lights up the living (

         ) precious        

but in its place                  a way out










Linda Kemp is based in Sheffield, England, with recent work appearing in Blackbox Manifold, Lighthouse and a pamphlet, ‘Immunological’ published by enjoy your homes press. 



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