Issue 19






Jeffrey Jullich





increase die decease memory eyes fuel lies cruel ornament spring content niggarding be thee



telltale speck                      flawlessly immaculate


substitute center grafted on


                                                     ballad refrain



another untitled artwork


                                          PIANISSIMO    hint of jealousy

swathe of cloth    unfurled

                                                         another thermometer

                            aftershock    peals


                            circumference all over

the place, the               location, or cage




brow field now held lies days eyes praise use mine excuse thine old cold



unwavering value, everlasting

                                                 metaphor of a pearl

                                                             in MAJUSCULES




can’t be negated                                by nodding

                   a phase

                                           playing card face down

ivory tusk jewelry

             several more things,—forevermore


             slow-burning          gap

                                                     page Xeroxed

string quartet copyright violation

                               handcuffed, shackled


the all-encompassing lacuna

                                              surrounded the evidence

fatted calf

                fish-eye lens                distorted by sentimentality


                   frilly lace border




viewest another renewest mother womb husbandry tomb posterity thee prime see time be thee



wingèd melody alit on film classic

        music appreciation


                                          clearly delineated limits

             were brought into play

                                                   for clarity’s sake


 only one or two possible interpretations

poison extracted out of the serpent

                        disproportionately Shakespearean


preternaturally calm—comma run amok

            “empyrean” in Webster’s                apparatus

                 to understand the standstill

a full stop

                 can echo technology—knowledge

       that can’t be tested, only aestheticized


           by liking it,          its pretty residue




spend legacy lend free abuse give use live alone deceive gone leave thee be



telephone pole             tree

                         stump                 suburbia


his head and body an egg in a waistcoat



                                             French accent chirping

        rational              asleep


                                                 dreaming daylight a lid


on a jar, a box, a kettle              await

                             flashing past                bygone

                             the hundredth time    random decision


sense of feeling ebbing draining from limbs


             authentic mass production


hoof prints                    tragic hero club-footed










Jeffrey Jullich has published two books of poetry: Thine Instead Thank (Harry Tankoos Books, 2007) and Portrait of Colon Dash Parenthesis (Litmus Press, 2010).  His poetry, criticism and translations have been published in a variety of literary journals including Poetry, Fence, New American Writing and the Boston Review.  Audio recordings and videos of readings can be found at the Poetry Foundation website and at YouTube.  Jeffrey Jullich is online at JeffreyJullich.com



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