Issue 19






Aditya Bahl





What si

lence the

word breaks?



to be said.


Yet I write

to make sense


of it.  I read

it out loud to


confirm it.



* * *



A hole in

stead of words


is as good

as it gets.  It

fits itself.


The rose is red.


Ten times x

equals x.  x

for elephant,

apple, twenty

men (as

pronouns), time (as

a wax candle).



* * *




measure less

than moon.


Soon, so


Less to say




Part of the moon—


Part of the word

Part of the moon


The rest of the moon—


Cut off

by the tin


ledged rise





A rise in

to the verb


—that stays.










Born and brought up in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, Aditya Bahl’s textual and visual works have appeared or are forthcoming in Lilliput Review, Otoliths, Poetry Salzburg Review, iARTistas and Haiku 21.  A chapbook is available at this is visual poetry.  He co-edits Bones, a journal for contemporary haiku. 



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