Eratio Issue 17




from TH-READ


by Emmalea Russo





12 [yarn, properties of]



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trusted name into text

Tensile. yarns by then


single. have been grnd

fleshly carded. tails to


ironing temp. tenacity

yarns elongation the F


inished. trusted. tense

up to. strand method


as the starting to knit

or is lightweight. SEW


solutions jump to pro.

industry, for all. TEMP.


filament. cited by 1. fig

1. multi-prediction oth.


fabric hand. yr hand. OF

and the structure. AND


filament present. ONTO

house-yarn. cultivated/


different shifts. twisted

pro cess. Combed. Frict


Ion. com pleted study of

began - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


spinning the newness no

due to the definition year


conformational. mixture

set to value this range of


yarn research. in the spin

over cited by 1. paper. the


(ring spun yarn) counts 1

aerodynamic basic predict


Ion. combination could pro.

so physical. so improved up.


Part II. cross sectional on es

thetics. the five yr study of F


ibers. cultivator you assumed

were made spun. began, quiet





13 [synthesize + threadcutter]



To make (something)

new countryside. Wh


ole. When you. Synth.

1. to form (a matter)





Becoming more com

Plexiglas (simpler)s


aid. it’s becoming a

complex. A new diff


Combining by to in

order to (used with


object) When you. 1

and 2 synth. New. C


show verb. strut. in

the product to make


(something new)lift

synthesis  chemical


To simple through.

the following piece


of Code. (transitive)

organic. dehydrate1


or bio process synth

Re : protein. (may re:


refer to) convergent.

no shotgun. no synth


Oh. -sized -sizing -v.

To further stack me


compasses that geo

magnetic. as tiny m.


audio wild Tis Work



navigation me. Plant

verb. simply copying


antiqued cutting clo.

taps and best made


dies. World Of.     Th -

reading as compared


before the lathe. The

interraleted. Newme


verso. Forming depth

is required. PENDANT


one. Pendant and me.



for process. to cut be.

it is patterned after. it


is patterned before. it

is an antique made in.


creation Of A TRIM. th

e trim hexagon dies. S


ets. effortless core. the

black cloaking. the spec


ial. Find. REQUIRED U.

Hexagonal anxious it -


ems. before. the lathe.

for cutting internal (F


emale) description.    W

eight. hi-speed click.   A


any. tools of an I.   Twee

and metallic on. Catalog


external (male) threads

Values. needed to form.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -










Emmalea Russo is a poet and visual artist. Recent visual work has appeared in THE VOLTA.  Her chapbooks are book of southern and water (Poor Claudia, 2013) and CLEAR1NG (DGP, 2013).  She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 



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