Eratio Issue 17




3 Questions


by Gabrielle Campagnano





...Where am I?

Found it hard

to determine

once I cleared out

all these ancient

zesty books. The

cobweb flows.

The one with a fat

orange on the cover

round and beating

help, softly help

in my hungry hands.

A passion, or 

a beauty bowl.

“Come stay

as long as

you need. It’s

never too late!”

The offer emptied

of itself

and carried out

to my little

garbage man,

my husband.

It seems that

it really made

the place home,

don't you think?

Hard to remember

now after the cleaning.

In the back of here

I see a trailer

left in a snowstorm

interrupting the garden

of this man I had never

met previously, but

have now grown to

love by hiding

for so long. Has

he seen this

orange wonder?

He smokes out

back whenever

he pleases. You

asked, so I

am telling.



everything sings

but me, how I

understand it

is hard to determine.

...How have I done?

Not a question

worth asking

without the muggy

sun. I see you

sipping on tea

in my mind

and I wonder if

you smoke too 

just like the man out

back. I wonder if

you read and think

you know yes, you know

here, you know why

you asked in the

first place. You

emptied out

my desk, wiped off

my smiling lips.

Come stay as long

as you need! If

you can find this

private glass vase.

No, here is not dead.

Tell yourself to try

another day. That

much we say. Yes,

I am doing fine. Yes,

let’s do that soon. Yes,

you looked much better

this time than

that last time which

I cannot remember

if I tried ten tries. Yes,

I will, yes I will, yes

we must do that. Here

is not dead. That much

I can say for certain.










Gabrielle Campagnano is a senior at Sarah Lawrence College.  Her work can be found in forthcoming issues of Indefinite Space and Eunoia Review.  She is a part-time elementary school classroom assistant and avid experimental baker. 



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