Eratio Issue 17




Three Prose Poems


by Parker Tettleton





I Can’t Believe In I


The heater themes sixty-eight, a holiday inside one.  I wander to the dumpster & listen.  I’m thin & pale or pale, too thin.  I enlist my indecision.  I run out of me in this sentence, I remember to. 





Two On A Match


This trench begins we’re the sum of more than four people.  In the morning’s what’s missed: I whistle scores of groceries, you make time for the dentist.  A candle visits a lighter for a feast.  Bobby G’s is a pizzeria is trivia is everything’s a way to say nothing & mean it. 





I Have Gotten So


The morning is measured breathing for two, three animals outside a bedroom door.  The refrigerator cries on the floor in a tile land for no lord.  This table isn’t elbows or laptop or fingers or keys or heart or eyes or brain or please & everyone’s asleep, or evening. 










Parker Tettleton’s work is featured in or forthcoming from Gargoyle, [PANK], Word Riot, Tiger Train and em:me, among others.  His grocery-themed collection, GREENS, is available from Thunderclap! Press.