Eratio Issue 17






by Kenneth E. Harrison, Jr.





Time as faint curvature a river slices through


distant hips of fields as though witness dust


grant us prayer on the crossing under sky


dissolved across thrush and the begonia’s grip


when we sought beyond the skin’s rush above


the smell of pears never forgotten the surface


of our parting a remote orchard the days soak


whose hand touches another where music gusts


astonished in complete breaths our own image


ran out from summer’s moistened room lighted


we’ve been loved and backed away how sound


prolongs a shudder of wings risen from ditches


splashed with clover I am not one person one


nature climbed the rise with you my failed oath—










Kenneth E. Harrison, Jr.’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Drunken Boat, elimae, Margie, Orange Quarterly, Packingtown Review, Pleiades, Spittoon, Sukoon, TYPO, Word For/Word and elsewhere.  He teaches English composition, Literature, and poetry at Webster University and Florissant Valley Community College in St. Louis.